Temple Courses

Formally Awaken To Your Expansion.

Reclaim The Magic of Your Womb & Your Wild Feminine Spirit.

 Do you feel a beckoning deep inside your bones for more?


More vitality? Greater depth in life and relationships? Better connection to self, source, and the wild feminine spirit? The one who howls at the moon and dances naked by the light of the fire?

You’re longing to find your voice and reclaim your power.



You want to make a profound impact on a soul level for yourself & for others.

This Is Me

 Physically, you might be experiencing:

✔ Low vitality and a lack of direction about the future

✔ Inability to speak up for yourself or use your voice

✔ Anxiety, overwhelm, and tightening in your chest

✔ Reproductive issues (PCOS, fibroids, cysts, endo)

✔ Painful sex

✔ Painful or irregular bleeding and intense emotions pre-bleed (rage, anger, deep sadness, overwhelm)

Roseanne Shannon

"After taking this course, I am more connected to myself and yet I know I still have so much more to learn and grow. I have connected to my inner child and she/I is/am healing. I recognize that which is not mine and I am no longer willing to carry those burdens. I am releasing and purging and letting go and liberating my soul – I embrace my giftings and abilities and am open to more growth. I am a witch woman. This is just the beginning of finding myself and unearthing the soul long buried deep within."

Bridget Tardif

"This course was literally the best thing that I have ever done for myself - my whole life has done a complete 360. I just feel so at home in my body now. I had never known what it was like to be at home in my body - to feel like I had power in my life, in my choices, in who I wanted to show up as. These are all beautiful gifts that I was able to receive through doing the work in Awaken To Your Expansion."

Emotionally, you might be experiencing:


✔ Fear of being seen and heard in your personal or business life

✔ Body dysmorphia and struggles with body image or diet

✔ High self criticism and judgement

✔ Low vibrational mental chatter (negative self talk) 

✔ People pleasing and putting your needs last (if at all) in relationships

✔ Shame around your sensuality, sexuality, and bleeding body

Skyla Stapelmann

"I am so grateful for Awaken to Your Expansion as its jam packed with information I get to keep for the rest of my life to reflect and continue to integrate." "The tools from this program help me to create the schedule that I want to live, to eat the foods that my body needs. It’s like every little piece is there to help me feel the best that I can and to live a life that is the most fulfilling."

Nicole Torgerson

"Before this, I was nervous to change. I was comfy in the ick and nervous to expand and what that might bring to my life and shake up. Overall, I don't feel stuck anymore. I'm not stuck/stagnant in my body/breath, i'm not stuck in my old patterns (& i know how to make shifts without fear of the unknown) and i'm not stuck in my path and the cyclical living/womb work/ voice activation feels like a re-learning something i've known in lifetimes before this one. I am so grateful I get to come home this early and live the rest of this life with these tools."

Wondering what can reclaiming your wild feminine spirit look like for you?

Over the past 10 years I've helped hundreds of women to: 


✔ Stop the trauma loops and allow space for both grief and joy

✔ Heal from painful and irregular bleeds - and actually celebrate this sacred monthly time

✔ Understand their cyclical nature and prepare for fertility/carrying life

✔ Forge a new way to mother or be mothered

✔ Step into deeper relationship with Mother Earth and heal the land

✔ Make space for their wild woman - to howl, dance, sing, play

✔ Come home to themselves by unapologetically loving and accepting who they are in all forms




✔ Heal from toxic generational patterns

✔ Detox from core woundings and understand emotional messages

✔ Speak with conviction and move through blockages with ease

✔ Reclaim their power, sensuality, and self-pleasure

✔ Set unshakable boundaries to protect and harness their sacred energy

Calista Povelofskie

"...for the first time in my life, I feel wholeness and I feel seen for the essence of who I am. I'm receiving love." 

Emma Horn

"I took a leap with this course and I am a changed person."


Hi, I'm Shae Savage


*formally Awaken To Your Expansion

I know what it feels like to be silent in times when I wanted to use my voice and rawr. To stand in my power and claim what was mine.

I know what it feels like to have incredibly emotional, disconnected, abusive, and unhealthy relationship patterns with men and women. 

I know what it feels like to want to be held in a loving and nourishing space to explore my psyche more deeply, combining the sacred knowledge of divine ceremony and psychology. 

I know what it feels like to have poor body image and low self esteem. I was so disconnected from my body and the land that I was unable to Mother myself, my needs, and my cyclical nature.

In my personal process, I had to find my personal medicine. I needed to lean into womb reclamation, soul retrieval work, shamanic journeying, kundalini yoga, and deepening my connection to the land. 

I learned how to do this for myself and now I am here to share it with other women just like you.

I recognize that I am an uninvited guest here on the ancestral, traditional, and unceded Indigenous Land belonging to the  Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) Nation in whose territory I’m grateful to live, work and play. 


I know how you feel, sweet ones.




Reclaiming your wild feminine essence by deepening your relationship to your womb is THE most revolutionary act of self love and healing. For yourself, for the 7 generations that came before you, and for the 7 generations that will come after you. 

Inside Awaken To Your Expansion you will be working with my unique methodology, The Foundation Method . It's designed to help you build a soul foundation of sustainability and sacred reciprocity to yourself, your womb space, your divinity and the earth. 

Bridget Tardif

"One of the top things I took from this program is learning to show up, who I am 100% authentically feeling unapologetic about it." 

Amber Vandermeer

"This experience is absolutely priceless. To be able to let go and clear trauma... to feel safe again, that's not something I could put a price on."


The Foundation Method 


Connecting deeply to the earth, the elements and your personal ancestry.


Alchemizing emotional blocks located specifically in your body and womb space. 


Rooting into sacred reciprocity with your body, the land and your divinity.

Phase One: Self Initiation

Diving deep into the layers of our being require a stable, rooted foundation in self regulation. Here we focus on setting masculine boundaries and structure to create space for the wild feminine.

You also establish your highest mindset and embodiment of the wild and expansive self that will be the light during the descent phase.

Phase Two: The Descent 

This phase you confront and explore your blocks that are preventing you from your full sovereignty and full unapologetic expression.

You descend into the realms of darkness within the womb where we hold, store our shadow, and the repressed wild feminine spirit. 

Phase Three: Reclamation 

Imagine being in full reclamation of all lost parts of yourself. Here we do just that, a powerful returning  home and nurturing space for integration. 

This rebirthing is profound in your self actualization journey for long term sustainability. 

Phase Four: Activation

Here we activate your highest potential into form, making this your lived reality in ecstatic pleasure.

Imagine restoring the fires in your womb and heart as a divine sovereign feminine force. 

Phase Five: Embodiment

Refine and empower the embodiment of the wild howl.

Here you take all that you've refined and step confidently to walk forward in your life as your highest expression with fierce compassion, discernment and connection. 

I'm Ready!



Payment Plans Available. Price in CAD


  • Live in deeper connection to your womb & wild feminine spirit
  • Claim the life you always imagined as your reality in ecstatic pleasure
  • Root back into your ancestry and ethical spiritual practices 
  • Meet yourself at your next evolutionary level with radical compassion
  • Reclaim your sexual sovereignty 
  • Live in your unapologetic truth

Unapologetic Self Love Starts Here

Nicole T

"I don't know how to put everything into words but I. am so happy I invested in this journey. It feels like I have returned home."

Sarah W

"I just have. to say this weeks module is

*brain exploding emojis*

So fucking amazing Shae! Some of these things I think I knew on a subconscious level, but it feels sooo nice to be validated for feel that way! Also learning so many new things, and starting to see where I can forgive my mom for things she said or did as she was coming from her mother wounds."


Arianna C

This course is really helping me find my path and true self. I feel like I'm getting closer to my calling and able to create realistic timelines, while still remaining open."

 Are You Hearing The Inner Howl Of Your Wild Woman?

I am so grateful for your time and energy.

It is my deepest invitation that you find peace in your own being.

I am excited to guide you home on your sacred journey. 

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