The Temple Bundle

Your Home Base for  Ceremonial Kundalini Practices & Womb Reclamation


Created by Shae Savage - Founder of Awaken To Your Expansion & The Foundation Method. 

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This is for the life long student who wants to clear the mind, body & spirit from unhealthy inherited patterns using Ceremonial Kundalini Practices.


What's Included..

Feminine Embodiment

Over 40+ high frequency videos of live stream classes of movement, breath + rewilding.

Kundalini Activations

Moving the body through sacred practices of Ceremonial Kundalini Yoga.

Womb Connection

Align with cyclical living reclaiming your wild woman, you bleed and your natural womb gifts. 

Trauma Informed

Move through a 3 module course learning about feminine embodiment and closing trauma loops.

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Student Love

"Amazing energy in Shae’s classes. She's an amazing soul who brings light wherever she goes!"

- Marley

Student Love

"Thank you for being a tremendous wealth of healing resources and an abundant source of life energy.  I love you!"


The Temple Bundle

Created by Shae Savage - Founder of Awaken To Your Expansion and The Foundation Method.

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